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It has been a while since my last outfit blog post, simply because there was so much going on with the runway. Fashion week came and went so fast and left me with a ton of work to do. But more importantly, it left me with lots of inspiration!

Here's a quick outfit I put together with my new red Gucci sneakers that I am currently obsessed with! (I am focusing on the shoes because it's such a big trend to pop your outfit with some red shoes) Sneakers, heels, boots; just make sure they are red! I love this current trend. Red was already "always a good idea", so this really does work to upgrade your outfit. Obviously it doesn't hurt to throw in velvet and pearl details (the Gucci way). For a really edgy look, pair the red shoes with your favourite graphic tee. These days I would normally wear a graphic tee with this outfit but since I didn't get a chance to wear this top yet, I really wanted to wear it. The top and jeans are from Zara, the crossbody bag is from Chloe, Sneakers/belt is from Gucci, and the sunglasses I picked up from Shadesofdxb which you will see a lot from because I am obsessed with the selection! It can be hard sometimes when you're shopping to find the newest trendy sunglasses, or just a pair that is unique/stands out but you have to look through 20 different stores to find the perfect pair. They definitely have this covered, all the best styles are in one place and I fell in love. Find the link below for the instagram page of Shades of DXB. They are taking pre-orders now before the launch of their website (which will be launching any day now).

It has been super hot this year, still 32 degrees in November but slowly the temperature is dropping and I am getting excited! As you know, I am a huge jackets and sweaters kind of girl so I will be posting lots of new cozy winter inspired outfits soon. <3

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