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​A recognized and influential passion for fashion and beauty.

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On day three of fashion week I was able to witness the collection of Mashael Alrajhi come down the runway. It's always nice to see designers from around the world fly their collection in for fashion week in Dubai. Diversity is a beautiful thing. Mashael Alrajhi is based out of Saudi Arabia, and she makes it very clear in her pieces with the perfect touch of patriotism. The details are amazing! Lately I've been so obsessed with frills and I think you can tell from the photos I took that I totally fell in love with her pieces! I need them in my closet asap!! You can easily throw on any of these pieces with either style of nike's, adidas, reebok or gucci sneakers and you're good to walk out the door and conquer your day. Obviously you don't need to be Saudi to wear these pieces, all you need is an appreciation for fashion that is ON POINT. It is designs like this that put street style into another category. Check out some of my favourite photos I took of the collection, as well as the live footage below to watch the show as I did and comment to let me know your thoughts; like this post, share, and definitely tag a friend you know from Saudi Arabia and show your love!

Enjoy. <3

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