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​A recognized and influential passion for fashion and beauty.

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Hey loves! As you know from my Instagram, fashion week just ended. There was SO much talent this season so I am dying to show you everything as quickly as I can! Make sure to stay posted and keep checking for more blog posts coming soon.

I am starting my blog posts from season 10 of Fashion Forward with this designer because if you didn't already know from my Instagram, I was attending this show as a special guest. I was so honoured to be among the special guests for this show which included the queen of Nigeria! Not to mention, this show was so memorable. Although I had seen the collection and fell in love with her designs, I really didn't know what to expect at her fashion show as it was my first to attend. I will let the footage speak for itself. I was blown away! Every single gown was breathtaking. I really appreciate fashion designers with such incredible talent. Really if it wasn't for them, would Cinderella even exist? You will love this elegant and feminine collection! In fact, if you are about to get married and searching for that perfect wedding dress you will have to look NO FURTHER. I don't want to say too much. I got a ton of footage, so I will just let you take a look below at some of my favourites from the photos I took and also live footage to see even more of the gowns/models in action just as I did. Don't forget to comment, like, tag a friend, and share this post so that I know you enjoyed it. <3

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