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Hey loves! Since fashion week is fast approaching here in Dubai, this time always seems to make me reminisce. I was looking through some memories and decided to share this lovely fashion show with you. Zareena is such a talented and diverse Emirati fashion designer. Her unique abayas and creativity in all of her work is very much appreciated, and definitely a favourite all over the Middle East. Although this show was beautifully soft, and delicately lit with candle light; her following fashion show was very up beat and lively in comparison! You can never really imagine what she might bring to the runway next, and I love that. Although I would love to watch a show like this one over and over again because it was so breathtaking! This is a fashion show that still sticks out in my mind from over 2 years ago and continues to be one of my favourite shows until now. The detail in this collection was stunning, and the show was completely mesmerizing. It was in this moment that I became introduced to Zareen's work as my first fashion show to attend, and instantly became a huge fan. I'm so excited that Zareena will be in this season at Fashion Forward Dubai and can't wait to see her new collection! Make sure you are following my Instagram if you want to be the first to get live footage from the runway.

Hope you enjoy the footage below and let me know what you think in the comments! (sorry for the shaky videos) <3

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