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Hi loves! I'm sure that you all saw my posts about Palazzo Versace Hotel on my Instagram accounts (there was a lot). However, there was even more that I documented during my stay to give you an even better idea and at least try to make you feel like you were there with me! I am obsessed with this hotel. Since I have a huge passion for architecture and design, I was totally in my element and loved every minute the beautiful scenery, mosaic floors, Versace features on literally every piece of furniture, my luxury suite, and the most amazing and breathtaking chandelier in the lobby. But, as if there was not enough to see, the hotel has 3 amazing pools. I was so excited for this collaboration because it was all about the pools for the month of August, hence the "followthesun" hashtag you saw me use. As the sun moves around the hotel throughout the day, you are still able to get your tan on and stay glowing all day! Unlike places where the sun hits a certain point of the building and your day is completely ruined at that moment even though it's still early. Not only do they have that covered; but what I loved the most is that each pool that I went to felt like I was staying at a completely different place! This was a huge bonus considering sometimes the same pool can start to feel boring or maybe you just want a different vibe. I will show you the three pools in the video below, so I'm really interested to know what pool you guys like the most or which one you see yourself spending most of your time at. Watch the video below and please like it, share it, and comment considering this is technically my very FIRST "vlog"!!

As a bonus, I also included a second video in this blog post. A tour of the Palazzo Versace's Imperial Suite (the most expensive suite in the hotel) around 80,000dhs per night!! Donatella Versace herself stayed in this suite, along with a number of celebrities. Thank you to the friendly staff who was so nice to give us a peak!

Don't forget to book your stay soon, and please show your support below! ♡♡♡

Enjoy! <3

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