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​A recognized and influential passion for fashion and beauty.

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This post is dedicated to the fashion designer/Parisian clothing brand, Cheyma. My end of fashion week here in Dubai (season 9 ffwddxb, 6 months ago) ended on the best note possible! Enjoying nothing but ice cold drinks and views of downtown while capturing some shots wearing Cheyma's latest collection "Misty Romance" fresh off the runway (shot by @agypops). Not only is Cheyma one of the sweetest people I have met, but her whimsical vision and feminine creativity brings pieces you definitely want to add to your closet! Her collection is somehow trendy, yet can see yourself wearing the pieces well into the future. If you are following my Instagram accounts then you will recognize a lot of the photos from this shoot (and probably fell in love with this lace 2 piece just as much as I did) but I wanted to share even more with you. Find my live runway footage videos and some more photos from my collaboration with Cheyma below! Let me know what you think.

Enjoy! <3

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