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This is my second blog post on the astonishingly talented, Ezra Santos. If you haven't seen my very first runway post where I mentioned just a few of the celebrities who have been dressed by his designs (the list is long), I urge you to go to it after this!

October 21, 2016 was an exciting day. I couldn't wait to see another one of Ezra's fashion shows from the moment the last show I saw ended! Definitely not to my surprise, this show was INCREDIBLE. There is no denying that Ezra is one of the most talented fashion designers, and one of my personal favourites. However, I am surprised that I am even still speechless to describe this experience, so I will try my best. From the first piece that came out I could feel myself literally shaking. His work is that stunning.. and it didn't stop there (hence the title I gave this post). Every single piece from his "Weave of Love" collection had unbelievable detail that left me in shock! Every piece was a MASTERPIECE. It was honestly hard to keep up with the fashion show because I couldn't stop staring at each piece. If you were following Ezra on Instagram, you definitely saw the long hours each piece took and can really appreciate the outcome. I'm obsessed with the weaving technique he decided to use in this collection! Not to mention the beautiful nude tones used, which I can't get enough of. If you have been following my blog than you already know that Ezra is inspired by magical fairy tales, so there is no question that his pieces will make you feel like you are in one. The suspense of what he will do next is intense and I cannot wait to see another show.

Without saying too much more, I will just let you to get a feel of what the show was like from front row. (Watch all three videos below for the full experience!)

Enjoy! <3

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