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Hi loves! If you have been following this space, then you know that I launched my website just 7 months ago. It has been a lot of work to say the least. Together with the website, attending fashion weeks, collaborating, among other things; I have still not uploaded all of the footage that I really want to share with you! I have made it my mission now to really start to catch you all up in this space, and post as much as possible. Fashion week is approaching soon and with that I will not have the time, so you will notice some throw back footage from the runway until then.

This post is about the Splash Xcess Fashion Show on April 10, 2016. The Splash fashion show has been a favourite event for me to attend as it is always so exciting. Splash, along with Iconic is a place where you can keep up with the current trends at affordable prices. It can be quite hard to find super trendy pieces that are edgy and really fashion forward for a fraction of designer prices. Raza Beig, the CEO of Splash and Iconic does a great job to make sure that their brand does just that; and that their fashion show is something people are talking about and don't want to miss! This was the second last fashion show of theirs for me to attend since they have now been holding their infamous fashion shows in India along side with the stars of Bollywood.

I filmed this fashion show in one video which again, gives you a feel that you are there! You can see from the setting that it is fun, exciting, sociable, and so edgy. Also, I loved the design of the runway! In terms of the collection, just watch the video! I grabbed a couple of items from this collection myself. Guys, I'm sure you will like these looks too.

Enjoy! <3

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