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Fashion week just ended and this season was amazing! Everything stood out on the runway BELIEVE me! There is so much to share with you, but I thought I would do a short article on a common highlight that I couldn't help but notice, which was red! Red is always classic and an obvious must in your closet, so it's no wonder that it is reacuring on the runway; but it just shows how dramatic red can be when you add it to your wardrobe. Enjoy these few photos that I captured, along with the same short video clips live from the runway. These pieces/moments are stunning! I can't wait to share even more with you, stay tuned for more from Fashion Forward Season 9! I hope you enjoy. ♡

Amato - "Flowers of War" Autumn/Winter 2017, Fashion Forward 9.

Watch the short video clip (at the end of this article) to see just how breathless this Amato piece left me coming down the runway. This is another Amato runway moment that I will never forget!

Abed Mahfouz - Spring/Summer 2017, Fashion Forward 9. The reveal of the first ever "Lux Soap" dress.

Not only was this moment incredible, the runway smelled amazing!! (Watch the two video clips below).

Hussein Bazaza - Fall/Winter 2017, Fashion Forward 9.

This was definitely an iconic moment at Fashion Forward! This collection was FULL of red, but this is obviously a memorable moment! (Watch the video below).

Watch the videos below. (Click on full screen to get a better view).

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