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November 22, 2016

We visited Hong Kong during Christmas time in the winter. It was an experience that was I will never forget. The people, the culture, the scenery.. It was a first time for me. The shopping was really amazing. I have to say that Asian people really know fashion! Everyone you see on the streets has outfits on with unique style, and they're buying high end brands like you have never seen before! I really enjoyed seeing people who really appreciate fashion. Everyday consisted of me getting ready in the hotel room to walk in the streets for the day just to do some shopping and sight seeing. One of the places we visited (a must) is the Victoria Peak. The views of the entire city are seen from this location, my favourite thing about Hong Kong (aside from the shopping of course) is the contrast between all of the man-made skyscrapers and the beautiful natural greenery. You can see the contrast from the Peak, its stunning! Day and Night, Hong Kong looks beautiful. As for the shopping, all the streets and every corner is covered in luxury brands! I truly miss shopping there, definitely won't be the last time to visit...

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